You’ve probably heard of the new miracle drug NZT-48. It’s a nootropic that gives users a spectacular boost to brain function and mental ability, radically enhancing memory and intelligence.

We use only 10 percent of our brain in our normal state. But the brain on NZT-48 uses a full 100 percent of its potential. Therefore, this cognitive enhancer magnifies intelligence to superhuman levels and enables total recall.

NZT-48 users are able to access all of their memories, including memories that had been long forgotten (apparently). They’re able to correlate all of their memories with all available information to solve any problem. And they do it, apparently out of thin air, without effort.

With NZT-48, you’ll be able to absorb actionable information and sensory data at dazzling speed. You’ll learn a new language in a matter of hours.

You’ll assemble two Rubik’s cubes in seconds, one with each hand. At the same time, you’ll negotiate a deal on Wall Street over the phone. And you’ll do it all while solving a complex math problem for your Silicon Valley friends in your head.

With NZT-48, you’ll be a walking supercomputer. But you’ll also be a charismatic person with unresistable persuasive powers. No one will be able to say “no” to you.

According to widespread rumors, the NZT-48 drug was first developed by rogue scientists in top-class biotech research labs. And the FBI and other federal agencies are secretly but very actively investigating it. NZT-48 is presently illegal and even difficult to find on the street. But there are dealers to be found, and fledgling groups of early users.

Believe the early users: the effects of NZT-48 are unbelievable.

That is, until they last.

The effects of one NZT-48 pill will last for about 12 hours. Afterwards, you’ll probably want more. But that’s not advisable. NZT-48 has very dangerous mental and physical side effects, which increase with long term use and eventually result in death.

However, Senator Edward Morra is rumored to use the nootropic regularly. He’s a controversial politician poised to win the next US presidential election. And he can cheat death thanks to a secret secondary drug that eliminates the side effects of NZT-48.


You’ve probably realized that NZT-48 is fictional.

It’s the nootropic featured in the Limitless movie and in the Limitless TV show. So people sometimes call it the “limitless pill” or “limitless drug.” But, officially, the limitless pill’s name is NZT-48.

Of course it doesn’t really exist. But it’s interesting to speculate on whether and when something like NZT-48 may be engineered.

Could a limitless pill exist in the future? Is a limitless pill possible? Is it reasonable to imagine that we’ll someday buy a limitless pill over the counter?

Some of today’s nootropics, including dietary supplements, can have a positive impact on mental well-being and cognitive function. For example, users of Thrivous Nootropic Stack have reported that they are more alert and focused.

Of course, personal observations are subjective. And it can be difficult or expensive to measure nootropic effects objectively. That’s why Thrivous bases its formulas on placebo controlled human studies that measure and report positive effects.

However, the effects reported by today’s real scientists don’t reach the magnitude of limitless pill effects, as portrayed in the TV series. And it seems likely that only a quantum leap in biotech could achieve such spectacular results.